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Perth Air & Power Solutions is a one-stop provider for all your commercial electrical services in Perth. Our team of commercial electricians can supply, install and maintain electrical systems complete with a full warranty.

Whether you need to install a large-scale electrical integration system, a single power point or light fixture, or you require emergency commercial electrical services, we can help.

We understand the stress of having an electrical issue within your business, no matter how small or large the problem can be. Our emergency commercial electrical services are designed to get businesses back up and running in as short a time as possible. The commercial electricians in Perth at Perth Air & Power Solutions have built a reputation as being a reliable and efficient team that provide long term solutions.

All our team members are qualified technicians trained to Australian standards. You can be assured a high calibre of quality and workmanship whilst adhering to occupational health and safety standards.

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Commercial Electrical Contractor Perth
Commercial Electricians Perth

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Quality commercial electricians in Perth

At Perth Air & Power Solutions, we offer only the highest quality brands such as:

  • Clipsal
  • HPM
  • Schneider
  • NHP
  • Siemens
  • Danfoss

For all brands that we carry, you’ll also be provided with a manufacturer’s warranty.

At Perth Air & Power Solutions, our commercial electricians can install a range of different systems and can assist you with a wide range of electrical work such as:

  • Safety switches 
  • Security lighting 
  • Motion sensor lighting
  • RCDs 
  • LED lighting installation
  • Smoke alarms
  • TV 
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting 
  • Additional services such as re-wiring and switchboard upgrades
  • Commercial electrical installation and maintenance of measuring devices for the energy-conscious
  • Any other general business electrical requirements.

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Commercial Electrical Maintenance

The benefit of regular commercial electrical maintenance ensures that your business operates at the highest quality in both performance and energy efficiency. When manufacturer guidelines are neglected, it can lead to potential breakdown and end in unwanted downtime.

Our team consists of qualified commercial electricians who specialise in a range of commercial electrical systems and equipment. We can handle ongoing maintenance and servicing with ease, no matter the model you have in place.

At Perth Air & Power Solutions, we take immense pride in upholding the maintenance standards that our manufacturers outline for commercial electrical equipment. We commit ourselves to these guidelines to optimise your efficiency and reduce the risk of any unexpected problems. 

Trust our team to keep your business performing at its best and call our team today to schedule a free consultation.

Commercial Electrical Maintenance
Commercial Electrical Repairs

Commercial Electrical Repairs

In a commercial setting, it’s crucial to avoid electrical issues with any equipment. Such problems can cause unwanted downtime and have financial repercussions, as well as pose safety risks to your entire electrical system.

Our team of technicians at Perth Air & Power Solutions are highly experienced with commercial electrical repairs. With over ten years of experience, we can swiftly address any problems and bring them back up to working order in no time. 

Call us today to schedule a free consultation and for more information about how we can help you with your commercial electrical repairs.

 Commercial Electricians Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes commercial electrical systems from residential ones?
Commercial electrical systems are designed to handle higher power demands, adhere to stricter regulations, and support a broader range of applications than residential systems. This includes complex wiring, industrial-grade components, and specialised installations like three-phase power.

How often should commercial electrical systems be inspected and maintained?
It’s recommended that commercial electrical systems undergo a thorough inspection and maintenance at least once a year. However, the frequency can vary based on the system’s age, usage patterns, and specific industry regulations.

Can I perform minor electrical repairs on my commercial property myself?
Electrical work in commercial settings should always be performed by licensed professionals. Even minor repairs can pose significant risks and may violate local regulations if not done correctly. Contact our team at Perth Air & Power Solutions to schedule a repair.

How can I make my commercial property more energy-efficient?
Consider upgrading to LED lighting, installing motion sensors, using energy-efficient appliances, and incorporating smart building technologies. Regular maintenance of electrical systems and equipment also ensures they operate efficiently.

What is involved in upgrading my commercial electrical system?
An upgrade may involve replacing old wiring, installing new electrical panels to handle higher capacities, adding more circuits to accommodate additional equipment, and ensuring that all work complies with current regulations.


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We hold ourselves accountable to the services we provide and most importantly, to our customers.


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All our Electricians are licensed and qualified to provide services in line with strict policies and regulations. Your safety and well-being is our number one priority.

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Jason and his team show great care in the work that they do and always deliver a quality job. They have delivered many projects for my company on time and on budget

Excellent service, top lads, highly recommend 🙂

We've had Perth Air and Power Solutions complete installs for our clients and the work is of the highest standard and quality workmanship. Jason and lads will go above and beyond to get the job done in a safe and top quality manner.

Jason and all his techs are very competent, always helpful and never let me down. They are very professional and communicate well. I highly recommend them for all Mech work.