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Whatever your factory requirements, you can rely on Perth Air & Power Solutions to provide the necessary infrastructure needed to ensure that your business is fully operational and functioning efficiently. We provide factory air conditioning services across Perth, and no matter what your needs, we’re more than happy to assist you. 

With over a decade of experience in Electrical, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning services, we assist with the planning and design of the best electrical and air conditioning systems to meet the requirements of your commercial equipment and machinery.

Give our friendly team a call today and we will book you in for an appointment to discuss your requirements.

Factory Air Conditioning in Perth
Factory Air Conditioning in Perth


As a leading retailer of ducted refrigerated, evaporative and split system air conditioning in Perth, you can rely on us to select and install the most suitable air conditioning system to suit the needs of your factory or warehouse space. With a wide range of leading brands and a team of qualified and experienced technicians on hand, we can carry out a seamless and worry-free installation to ensure that your factory is up and running in no time.

Running air conditioning in large spaces can be expensive – but our highly qualified team of technicians will be able to advise you on the best cooling system for your factory space, offering the best energy efficiency and affordability to keep your factory or warehouse at a comfortable temperature year-round.

No factory space is too large or too small for us and you can be assured that we will advise on the most feasible air conditioning system to suit your requirements. If you’re cooling a single room, we may suggest a split system, or multi split systems if you have several small spaces to cool. For large spaces or multiple large rooms, we may recommend one of our ducted reverse cycle air conditioners. You can count on us to offer you expert advice based on the needs of your space – speak to us today!


As well as ensuring your factory is kept at a comfortable temperature, it’s vital to ensure your air conditioning unit is well maintained so that it will last. Regular maintenance of your cooling system is important and will ensure any small faults are identified and fixed before they become big expensive problems.

Depending on the level of use of your air conditioner system, it should be serviced by a qualified technician every 12 to 24 months. Regular maintenance will prolong the lifespan of your system, and ensure it’s working effectively.

In a factory environment, air quality and the flow of fresh air are so important. Regularly cleaning the system filters will remove any build-up of dust, mould and bacteria, so that you can rest assured knowing you’re breathing in clean air. Our friendly team are well-versed in the servicing and maintenance of factory air conditioning units, to ensure your workers and the people in your factory are well taken care of.

Factory Air Conditioning in Perth
Factory Air Conditioning in Perth


A comfortable environment is a necessity in any factory or commercial space. If your air conditioner is failing to effectively cool or heat the space, you’ll be looking for speedy repairs to get your factory back into a comfortable temperature range.

Our highly qualified technicians offer fast, reliable repairs to a wide range of factory air conditioning systems so that your building can return to a comfortable temperature in no time.


Regardless of the size of your factory, our experienced technicians will work closely with you to design and install the most energy efficient system to provide you with the power supply needed to operate your equipment and machinery, whilst ensuring that your business remains efficient and cost effective.

We’ve worked with countless factories across many industries to deliver infrastructure that works, is reliable and manageable. We’re always on hand to provide ongoing repairs and maintenance that you can trust, and we work with leading brands and are up-to-date with the latest technologies on the market.

Factory Air Conditioning in Perth


As a leading retailer and supplier across all air conditioning, electrical and refrigeration equipment services in Perth, you can count on us to look after the needs of your factory.

We offer on-going repairs and maintenance to make sure that your factory air conditioning, electrical and refrigeration systems are well maintained for a number of years. If you’re looking for trustworthy factory solutions, contact our team today to speak to one of our experienced technicians, and we will provide you with a detailed consultation. 

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We provide a complete and comprehensive solution for all your Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Electrical needs. 


We hold ourselves accountable to the services we provide and most importantly, to our customers. 


You can place your trust in our hands and be assured that we will provide timely and reliable solutions to your problems. 


All our Electricians are licensed and qualified to provide services in line with strict policies and regulations.  Your safety and well-being is our number one priority. 

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Jason and his team show great care in the work that they do and always deliver a quality job. They have delivered many projects for my company on time and on budget

Excellent service, top lads, highly recommend 🙂

We've had Perth Air and Power Solutions complete installs for our clients and the work is of the highest standard and quality workmanship. Jason and lads will go above and beyond to get the job done in a safe and top quality manner.

Jason and all his techs are very competent, always helpful and never let me down. They are very professional and communicate well. I highly recommend them for all Mech work.