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Controlled Temperature Rooms

Controlled environment rooms, also called cleanrooms or controlled atmosphere rooms, maintain precise temperatures, humidity, air quality, and particle count. Crucial in industries like pharmaceuticals and electronics, these rooms prevent particle contamination from affecting product quality.

Their environmental controls allow for the safe production and testing of sensitive materials, ensuring high-quality outcomes. Scientists and engineers rely on these rooms to conduct research projects, and experiments, develop technologies, and manufacture products with precision and consistency.

At Perth Air & Power Solutions, we have over a decade of experience with electrical, refrigeration, and air conditioning. We’ll help plan and design controlled environmental rooms that will fit your specific needs.

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Controlled Environment Room Installation

Controlled environmental room installation needs to be conducted with certain standards in mind. As they handle quality goods for a variety of industries, their specifications like airflow, temperature control, air pressure, and humidity control create environmental conditions that can impact the end result if not handled with care.

Our technicians bring valuable experience to the table, having worked with a wide range of leading brands. By choosing our services, you ensure that your controlled environment room is installed with precision and care.

At Perth Air & Power Solutions, we prioritise meeting industry standards and exceeding your expectations. Trust us to handle your installation needs professionally and efficiently.

Controlled Environment Room Maintenance

Whilst ensuring your controlled environmental rooms sustain their specific conditions, it’s vital to keep your systems well-maintained to remain steady. Regular maintenance of your existing space can ensure that any potential issues or small faults can be found and fixed before they evolve into bigger, more expensive problems.

In a controlled environment room, the type of air quality, temperature, and humidity within the space is critical. Regular maintenance not only helps identify potential issues but also involves cleaning to maintain a balanced critical environment. This ensures that you can carry on with your work confidently, free from the risk of particle contamination.

Our team of friendly technicians is exceptional in services and maintenance of controlled environment rooms so contact us today to book a service in.

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Controlled Environment Room Repairs

The standards in a cleanroom need to be consistent for steady quality control. If your controlled environment room system is failing to maintain the space’s set controls, you’ll be looking for repairs to get it back up to your standards.

At Perth Air & Power Solutions, our team of technicians offers high-quality, fast, and reliable repairs for a wide range of controlled environment rooms so you can get back to work in no time.


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